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Who are you, Jason Voorhees?

Image A new reboot of the " Friday the 13th " franchise has been in development for several years now. Although Paramount has set the release of the film on January 13, 2017 , neither the cast nor the start date of filming has been confirmed, so the reboot's premiere will likely be postponed.

Almost nothing is known about the plot of the planned film. Several years ago there were rumors that the tape would be filmed in a pseudo-documentary format, but this information was later refuted. In an interview with The Reel World , producer Bradley Fuller finally unveiled the mystery and revealed what viewers should expect from the reboot.

Recall that in December the project lost its director David Bruckner, but acquired a new scriptwriter Aaron Guzikovsky ("Contraband"). In March, producer Andrew Form announced that the new film will take place in the 80s, and now Fuller has explained that the filmmakers intend to return to the roots.

Aaron wrote some great characters. Viewers need to understand Jason Voorhees 's motives, so we're back where it all began. This will be the origin story of a maniac that no one knows yet. Yes, there was a place in it for Pamela , but our version differs from that told in previous films ", - noted Fuller .


The first part of the film series was released back in 1980, giving rise to a considerable number of sequels. The last remake was presented to viewers in 2009, but it did not receive the approval of either the fans of the franchise or the critics.

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