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Damien Chazelle pulled out a thriller

Image Even before Damien Chazelle received his first Oscar nomination for the musical drama Obsession, he wrote the thriller The Claim . In 2010, the text was included in the famous Black List of the best unrealized ideas, and the rights to it were eventually bought by Route One .

However, it is only now that Chazelle won the Oscar for La La Land that there has been progress in the work on the project, all thanks to the support of Oceanside Media , previously involved in the creation of "Survivor". This is reported by the portal The Hollywood Reporter . Company owner Scott Clayton (Dying Light) will share production with Russell Levine (Equals) and Leon Clarence (Skull and Bones).

In the center of the thriller plot will be a single father with a criminal past, who must find out where his kidnapped daughter is. Another married couple adds problems to the protagonist, for some reason insisting that the girl is their child.


It is known that Chazelle is not going to lead the shooting of the film yet. The director's immediate plans remain the biographical drama The First Man, in which Ryan Gosling will play Neil Armstrong. The picture is due out on screens October 12 next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman