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Damien Chazelle found a director for his thriller

Image In March this year, it became known that work on the project The Claim, the script for which was written by the winner of the Oscar award Damien Chazelle, got off the ground. However, the director himself was not going to lead the shooting. He is currently busy with Neil Armstrong's biopic "The First Man," starring Ryan Gosling.

According to Variety , a few months later, Chazelle found a man to take the director's chair for The Claim . The thriller will be directed by Erickson Kor , which includes the sports drama "Overcome" with Mark Wahlberg and a remake of the 1991 surfer action movie "On the Crest of the Wave". In addition, Cor has worked as a cinematographer on films such as Fast and Furious, Daredevil and Reckoning. Producers will be Scott Clayton (Dying Light) of Oceanside Media and Russell Levine (Sphere) of Route One Entertainment .


In the center of the plot of the planned film -a single father with a criminal past, who needs to find out the whereabouts of his kidnapped daughter. In addition, the hero has to deal with the mysterious statements of a certain couple, who insists that his daughter is their child.

In 2010, the script The Claim was included in the notorious "Black List". For another script, for the drama "Obsession", which at one time also appeared on this list, in 2015, Damien Chazelle was nominated for a Oscar in the Best adapted script ". This year's Academy Awards brought Chazelle a coveted statuette for directing the musical La La Land.

The Topic of Article: Damien Chazelle found a director for his thriller.
Author: Jake Pinkman