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Banderas vs. Kingsley. The Guardian Action Trailer

Image Only recently did we observe how Antonio Banderas, as a failed writer, tried to get rid of his psycho buddy, how the 56-year-old Hollywood star is ready to visit our screens again. This time - in the form of a simple guard, capable of scattering a whole crowd of enemies armed to the teeth in the corners. We present to your attention a dubbed trailer for the action movie "The Guard" directed by Alain Desrocher, who previously shot similar in genre and not very well-known films.

The plot revolves around Eddie Deacon , a veteran with a difficult past who had to get a job as a security guard at a shopping center. But not to be lost in combat skills - as luck would have it, this very mall was chosen as her refuge by a little girl, a witness to a political murder. She is hunted by cruel bandits led by the main villain - psychopath Charlie , and now Eddie is her only hope of salvation. Meanwhile, Charlie and his henchmen, realizing that they are dealing with some overly trained guard, begin to threaten reprisals against his relatives. If the girl survives until dawn, everyone will end.

The very idea of making a shopping center a site for hostilities looks quite curious, as well as "news" like a burning sofa thrown out of the window. But if the heroes of this story and in the film communicate with each other in the same cliches as in the trailer, neither the plot, nor the director's findings, nor even the stellar cast will save the fate of the passing action movie "The Guard" .

Duplicate trailer

To find out whether the young witness will survive until dawn and whether the hero of Banderas will have enough veteran resources for a squad of thugs, our viewers will be able to August 3 when the tape reaches USA cinemas.

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Author: Jake Pinkman