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DeNiro, face! Chain Dog Action Trailer

Image It seems that Antonio Banderas is haunted by the dubious laurels of Nicolas Cage: recently, the face of a 57-year-old actor, dancer, singer, and now also a fashion designer, more and more often flickers in action films, the plots of which do not shine with originality. This time a trailer for the movie "Chain Dog" was published on the Web, in which the eminent actor will have to share screen time not only with cunning and dangerous criminals, but also with an angry dog named DeNiro.

Another differentiator for this crime thriller is its stellar cast. In addition to Banderas, John Malkovich, Adrian Brody and Rory Culkin played in the film directed and written by Paul Solet (Grace).

The plot revolves around a group of robbers who intend to quietly, without firing, turn one little business. For each of the participants in the events, this crime should be the last, and now a magnificent view of the neat wads of money opens before them, as it suddenly turns out that they were all trapped under the supervision of an evil dog. And the hero of Banderas unequivocally hints that it will not work out quietly ...

Dubbed trailer

The premiere of "Chain Dog" in USA will take place on December 7.

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