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Love in Space and New Years Dreams: Watch This Week

Image While Rogue One continues to empty the wallets of domestic viewers, daredevils are preparing for release, hoping to compete with it. The sci-fi adventure drama “Passengers” will be the strongest opponent of the spin-off of the legendary space saga next week. The film was directed by Morten Tildum, nominated for an Oscar for A Game of Imitation, and stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

In the scenario, a giant spaceship with thousands of passengers immersed in hibernation is sent to the planet, which should become their new home. But the smart system suddenly crashes and one of the mission participants wakes up. He soon realizes that until the end of the trip - 90 years, and all this time he will have to spend alone. Then the main character decides to wake up someone else, for example, a beautiful girl."Nothing is accidental", - says the slogan of the picture. While Jim and Aurora are enjoying life in luxurious interiors, cocktails from the android bartender and their crush on each other, the spaceship is in trouble. And then they begin to guess that they woke up ahead of schedule for a reason ...

Duplicate trailer

In early December, as part of the Passengers' promo-tour, Chris also visited Moscow. In an interview, he admitted that he really enjoyed working with Jennifer , who turned out to be a very easy-going and funny girl. One day a light bulb exploded on the set, and Lawrence screamed out of surprise in a"piercing girly voice", but after a second she calmly issued:“Lord, Chris , I didn't think you could scream like that! ”. As a result, everyone around him thought that Pratt was shouting in a girlish voice.

As for the first reviews of the film, they can be called ambiguous. Some critics called it the children's version of Interstellar, noting that screenwriter John Spates went too far with melodramatic cliches and devoted too little time to motivating the characters. Other reviewers assure us that the talent of Pratt and Lawrence was enough to take this project from the mediocre category to a higher level. And yet, most were inclined to believe that Passengers cannot be attributed to the science fiction genre (therefore, the trailer is misleading us) - this is an ordinary drama, just in spectacular scenery.

Fir-Trees 5

If the painting Tildum does not seem to be New Year's enough for you, try going to Fir-Trees 5 . The action of the next part of the domestic comedy franchise will unfold again on the eve of the main family holiday. The main characters have changed a lot in their lives, except for one thing - on New Year's, they all want to believe in miracles. According to the creators of the project, the secret of the success of Elok lies in the fact that the problems of these characters are absolutely real and close to our viewers: choose the right gift, find an old love, get out of a stuck elevator, deal with an existential crisis. And everyone believes that in the end everything will somehow change for the better.

ImageWhat can't be said about the heroes of the British thriller “Find me, if you can ” with the stars of the series“ Breaking Bad and Peaky Blinders . According to the plot, a designer from Los Angeles David (Aaron Paul) falls madly in love with the photographer Claire (Annabel Wallace), but one morning the girl disappears without a trace. After a long search, David begins to realize that his beloved had a second life, and now Claire is in danger. The authoritative edition The Hollywood Reporter writes:"Having attended the premiere of this picture, you will watch a thriller of those which has already been seen many times before, only made much better ". Also, some critics noted that the acting talent of Aaron Paul was revealed here from a new side.

Dubbed trailer

The USA drama Dream Fish about a St. Petersburg intellectual who was looking for peace and inspiration on the Baltic coast, but found his love, and now does not know what to do with it, will be released in limited release next week. Judging by the rather pretentious trailer, in this erotic fairy tale for adults there will be a lot of a beautiful female body, as well as thoughtful reflections on the meaning of life and the meaninglessness of the profession of a proofreader, but there seems to be no happy ending planned.

ImageYet another novelty of the week will definitely have a happy ending - comedy Gibby . Gibby is the story of the friendship between a monkey and a girl who lost her mother. Perhaps, the hero of "Dream Fish" should have added a little monkey to his life, as the creators of the cute family film advise, because Catty , after meeting his four-legged friend, everything started to play with new paints, interest in hobbies and partying returned, a handsome boy appeared on the horizon and, as a result, any questions about being and consciousness disappeared at once. In addition, if you attend a session "Gibby" , life will improve with the pets of the Moscow Zoo. At least, so the inscription on the poster says.


And finally, December 24 the epic New Year's fantasy Santa Claus. Battle of the Mages " . This high-budget film will try to prove to film fans that USA also knows how to shoot spectacular stories about magical worlds. In particular, about the world of Santa Claus (performed by Fyodor Bondarchuk) and his worst enemy, nicknamed Karachun , who can cut the sky. The creators of this project sincerely hope that flying fire monsters, magicians in the center of Moscow, secret corporations and unprecedented artifacts will help Battle take its rightful place among the favorite New Year films of all USAs.

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