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Unearthly love and android Michael. Trailer ”Passengers”

Image Today is only Wednesday, but now we can say with confidence who will be in the top 5 trailers of the week by Sunday. Two and a half minutes from Morten Tildum's sci-fi drama Passengers without major spoilers, but with powerful intrigue, promises moviegoers the spectacle they've dreamed of since the release of films such as Luna 2112 and "Gravity".

It is worth noting that the Norwegian director Tildum , nominated for the Oscar for The Imitation Game, has never worked so closely and with such responsibility in this genre before. However, the presented footage suggests that he made the immersion in sci-fi, if not with all the dedication, then certainly with great pleasure.


According to the script by John Spates ("Prometheus"), a giant spaceship with thousands of passengers on board, immersed in hibernation, is sent to the planet that is to become their new home. But the system malfunctions, and two members of the mission suddenly wake up and realize that until the end of the trip - 90 years. And while Jim (Chris Pratt) and Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) are enjoying life in luxurious interiors and their crush on each other, the spacecraft is in trouble. And then Jim begins to guess that they were woken up with Aurora for a reason ...

In the USA box office, the film starts on December 29, in the meantime, you can see how skillfully, charming and strong Jennifer and Chris hold our attention without attracting minor caste (not counting Michael Sheen's elegant android).

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