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Sony Pictures Will Send Passengers Into Space


Sony Pictures Film Studio intends to literally send its fantastic movie "Passengers" into space. The corresponding agreement was concluded by the studio with the American Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Within its framework, a copy of the painting will be delivered to the ISS, where members of the station's current crew can view it. Also, NASA specialists will take part in a series of press events before the start of the movie in the world box office.

It is also expected that former members of space expeditions will accompany the leading actors on the red carpet during the world premiere of "Passengers" in Los Angeles. It is not specified when exactly the ISS crew will be able to watch the movie.

Let's remind that the action of "Passengers" takes place on board the starship, which is taking a large group of colonists to a planet suitable for settlement. On the way, one of the cryogenic capsules malfunctions, and the awakened passenger learns that he woke up 90 years ahead of schedule. In order not to spend the rest of his life alone, he decides to wake up one of the passengers.

The main roles in the movie were played by Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. The director of the movie is Morten Tildum.

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