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Casting: Inventive Student and Hot Firefighter

Image QC Entertainment and Rhodes Entertainment have decided to bring together talented Hollywood youth on the set of their new film. Deadline reports that Sophie Turner (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Ace Butterfield (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children) will roles in the science fiction romantic comedy Time Freak . Skyler Gisondo, William Peltz, Aubrey Reynolds and Gillian Joy also take part in the painting.

The events of the tape revolve around the physics student Stillman ( Butterfield ), who was abandoned by a girl ( Turner ). To return her location, the guy decides to construct a time machine and thus get into the past, where he can correct all the mistakes in their relationship. Stillman embarks on an exciting journey not alone, but in the company of a friend ( Gisondo ).


Sounds like a simplified version of the Boyfriend from the Future movie concept. But in fact, in 2011, director Andrew Bowler and producer Gigi Cozy put all their savings into the creation of the short film "Freak of Time", which eventually received a Oscar nomination. It is she who will form the basis of the new project.

Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd will join William Shatner on the romantic comedy Senior Moment , directed by Giorgio Serafini (Johnny Baby).


Shatner will play a retired pilot who used to test aircraft for NASA . He remains enthusiastic and often drives around town with a friend ( Lloyd ) in his vintage convertible. Once caught, the protagonist becomes a victim of harsh measures taken by the state against elderly drivers, because of which his car and license are taken away from him.

After last year's success in the comedy Bad Moms, STX has begun to create almost an entire cinematic universe around the original. One of the planned films, Bad Mom's Christmas , has just gotten a cast, with Justin Hartley (This Is Us).


Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Katherine Khan will return to their roles in the sequel, and this time their heroines will have to deal with their own mothers who decided to visit their daughters for the Christmas holidays. Hartley will play Ty Swindle - an attractive firefighter who works as a stripper at night. It is known that he will start a relationship with one of the mothers.

John Lucas and Scott Moore will once again take on directors and writers. The premiere of the second part is scheduled for November 3rd .

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