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”Dark Phoenix” will fix the errors of ”Apocalypse”

Image After a more than lukewarm reception for X-Men: Apocalypse, actress Sophie Turner said the Dark Phoenix project would be very different from her big debut as Jean Gray in the hit franchise. Although the film's premiere has been pushed back to early 2019, the buzz around Dark Phoenix has not subsided thanks to rumors and reports of planned reshoots, the impending merger between Fox and Disney, and the fact that the film is an adaptation of one of the most iconic stories. " X-Men ". Although there are some questions about the project, Sophie Turner promised that he will tell us a rather down-to-earth and emotional story.

"This movie is much more exciting, more down to earth," Turner told Digital Spy. -Of course, it is filled with special effects, but the characters are more important to us. An incredibly emotional story awaits you about a girl fighting a deadly mix of mental problems and her superhero status. " Obviously, these comments do not reflect any specific plot details, but the mention of"death mix"may hint that Jean Gray's transition to the dark side will remind viewers of X-Men: The Final Stand.


At the same time, Turner emphasized that “Dark Phoenix” will be completely different from “Apocalypse”: “The new tape is about struggle and loneliness, when you do not know who you are and what is happening to you. Yes, this is an internal struggle. This is terribly interesting and very different from the atmosphere of the previous part”. The actress did not disclose the details of the planned reshoots, since she herself does not yet know what exactly the creators of the tape intend to change.

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Author: Jake Pinkman