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Step to China

Image In recent years, many American blockbusters have been rescued from financial failures by moviegoers from the Middle Kingdom. Not surprisingly, Hollywood studios are increasingly announcing partnerships with major Chinese film companies.

As reported by Deadline , Lionsgate has decided to reorient its acclaimed " Step Up " franchise to the Asian film market. The sixth part of the series will be filmed in Chinese, and its main characters will have to surprise the audience not only with new moves on the dance floor, but also with kung fu techniques.

Lionsgate will be supported by the Chinese company Infinity Pictures . One Step Forward is directed by Ron Yuan , who began his career in film and television as a stuntman and stunt director. Series like Sons of Anarchy ( Sons of Anarchy ) and Marco Polo ( Marco Polo ) have also brought the martial artist to the fore.


This December the film series " Step Forward" will celebrate its tenth anniversary. In 2006, Anne Fletcher's tape was crushed by critics, but earned at the box office $ 114 million on a modest budget of $ 12 million . Since then, Lionsgate bosses have been releasing new films in the franchise every two years. In total, they emptied the pockets of moviegoers for $ 600 million .

Two years ago, the alarm bell sounded for the bosses of a Hollywood studio that viewers began to lose interest in her brainchild. In the summer of 2014, the tape "Step Up: All or Nothing" with a worldwide gross of $ 86 million became the least grossing part of the franchise. At the same time, the franchise continued to enjoy great popularity in Asian countries, which prompted the company's management to change the direction of the film series development.


The Yuan team is expected to start work on December 9th. The film crew intends to visit Beijing and Los Angeles. The sixth part of " Step Forward " will be produced by Dede Nickerson ("Kill Bill").

Earlier it became known that a series of video hosting YouTube will also be created on the basis of the dance franchise.

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