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Marco Polo Creator Explains Chinese Triads

Image Renowned Hollywood screenwriter John Fusco continues to take an interest in Asian history and culture. In 2014, the American created the TV series Marco Polo, which told about the meeting of the famous Venetian traveler with the founder of the Yuan dynasty, the Mongol Khan Kubilai. Now Fusco has decided to dive into the world of the Chinese mafia.

John will team up with Extraordinary Entertainment on the crime drama The Successor. The main character of the series will be a young guy whose father died in a gangster showdown. The protagonist is faced with a difficult choice - to stay away from the dirty business of the family or to infiltrate the triads and avenge the death of the parent ...

Extraordinary Entertainment was created last year. Since then, she has opened offices in Beijing and Hong Kong. The founders of the company are producer Daljit DJ Parmar and director Rennie Harlin (Die Hard 2), both of whom have extensive experience in the Middle Kingdom. The creators of The Successor are inspired by legendary gangster dramas like The Godfather and Scarface.

Source: Deadline

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