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Tim Roth: ”The company at the new Twin Peaks is crazy!”

Image Launched by Showtime , the return of Twin Peaks is surrounded by an atmosphere of mystery that befits such an event. The core team behind the show remained unchanged. David Lynch and Mark Frost are working together to prepare 18 new episodes of the cult drama, and a number of actors from the original series return to their old roles. The premiere is scheduled for May 2017.

It is known that each episode is directed by the master personally, so it will be exactly " Twin Peaks ". Surprisingly, Lynch has published a full list of roles and performers on the Web, including about 200 persons involved, including Tim Roth . For obvious reasons, not being able to reveal the details of the plot, Tim in a recent interview shared the story of his acquaintance with the work of David Lynch and his impressions of working with the famous director.


" Twin Peaks " for many is the favorite TV series of all time. It was damn good to know about your participation in its revival!

I can't believe David posted the list. Although this is Lynch ! He is incredible, I love him! However, I do not know exactly when the premiere. I have no idea.

During the recent TCA press tour, Showtime David Nevins President revealed that when he launched the project, he did not know any premiere date nor the number of episodes, since the script presented to him was not divided into episodes.

We worked as follows: we received several pages with our remarks, came to the set and filmed the scene. You come and spend time with David; he is always cheerful, always interesting.

How did you end up on the final list? Did you have a telephone conversation, or should you have gone and met with him in person?

I don’t remember ... It seems they called me, and when I heard what they were talking about, I immediately agreed. I think this is the case when there is nothing to think about. And I, as you may have noticed, am not alone in this. The company has chosen the most interesting, just crazy!

Are you a fan of the original series? Or did you have to revise it to remember what it was all about?

I'm a fan, but not just the show. I was a teenager and we - three or four friends - dreamed of becoming actors. We were crazy about cinema, and we liked “ Eraser Head ”, “ Blue Velvet ”, “ Elephant Man ” extremely. " Eraser Head " led us to bewilderment and sacred awe at the same time. It was something from another world. David Lynch we adored immensely. And we especially loved Dune . So when the offer to work with David came in, I grabbed hold of him with my hands and feet. Then there was " Twin Peaks ". I fell in love with him too, but later. Into him and into Mulholland Drive .


For many, this was indeed the first series, each episode of which had to be watched without stopping, and right after the credits, for hours arguing with friends on the phone about what actually happened.

Yes. But this kind of experience from watching television series is now of little interest to anyone. People watch shows online and often several episodes at once. No more need to endure commercials or wait an entire week for the next episode. You can wait and watch the whole season in a couple of nights. Interesting trend, but I don't know if the lack of expectation will benefit the viewer's perception with the new Twin Peaks .

It is hardly possible to imagine someone other than David Lynch to whom the channel would give carte blanche without knowing in advance even the number of episodes per season.

Of course! But I believe in them. And I hope they have the intelligence and patience to stay as far away from the filming process as possible until the end. I really hope.


How does it feel to work with Lynch ?

He provided a choice. You could work in the mode that is closer to you. Either improvise, try, suggest something, or let him dictate to you what to do. He is practicing transcendental meditation. He is absolutely calm. But he will insist on his vision to the end. I grasped the essence of his method and then followed the clues that he threw ... In terms of my role, all its aspects, I completely surrendered to Lynch - did everything he wanted.

I can't explain what it was, but it was amazing. So much so that at some point my main partner and I asked to expand our roles - we wanted to continue. And when our episodes were completed, David added some scenes for us. I don't know if they will be included in the final version. Hope so. Anyway, it was an extraordinary, joyful and very important experience for me. I'm happy!

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