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White House Secrets

Image Imperative Entertainment and Automatik intend to reveal to viewers the secret of one of America's most famous and influential First Ladies. According to Deadline , American studios have begun work on a series based on Susan Quinn Eleanor and Hick .

The book by a popular American writer tells about the relationship between the wife of the 32nd President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt and journalist Lorena Hickok. Eleanor Roosevelt met a reporter for the Associated Press during her husband's presidential campaign. Soon the women began to exchange expensive gifts and very frank letters.

During the reign of her husband, Eleanor was active in social activities and fiercely supported the civil rights movement, which caused a storm of indignation from Edgar Hoover. As a result, the FBI director even began to collect dirt on her. History is silent as to whether he managed to find evidence of a love affair between Eleanor and Lorena . Although Hickok did not hide her non-traditional sexual orientation, modern historians disagree about the nature of her relationship with the mistress of the White House. Some believe that Eleanor and Lorenu were associated exclusively with platonic feelings, while others believe that women were mistresses.


The biographical drama will be written and directed by Shana Fest (Anatomy of Love), and her husband Brian Cavanagh-Jones (Shelter, Loving) will be the producer. ).

This is not the first time the world of television has shown an active interest in high-profile sex scandals involving the first persons of America and their families. In the past few months alone, the creators of the new series Commanders-in-Chief and the popular TV anthology American Crime Story have announced their desire to tell the public about Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky.

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