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Kyle McLachlan will move to the White House

Image While the great and terrible David Lynch decides whether he should take on the creation of the fourth season of "Twin Peaks", the main star of his cult mystical series will have time to star in another intriguing television project. According to Variety, Kyle McLachlan will play US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the biographical drama Atlantic Crossing.

The eight-part mini-series of the Norwegian companies Cinenord and NRK will unfold during the Second World War, and its main character will be the Crown Princess Martha of Norway. The royal lady was born in Stockholm in the family of Prince Karl of Sweden and Princess Ingeborg of Denmark. In the midst of the 1928 Summer Olympics, news of the engagement of Martha and her cousin, Crown Prince Olav of Norway, spread throughout the world. The lovers got married the following year and quickly became the favorites of the Norwegian people. In 1939, Olaf and Martha visited the United States, where they became friends with President Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor.

Soon after, World War II broke out in Europe. When Germany invaded Norway in April 1940, they rushed to send the crown princess and her children to Sweden. Unfortunately, Martha's historical homeland did not welcome Martha. The Swedes remained neutral in the military conflict and were afraid to incur the wrath of Hitler. Some local politicians even advised the fugitive to make a deal with the Nazis, who vowed to crown her three-year-old son. It was not safe to stay in Sweden, and Martha decided to move to the USA.


The Roosevelt couple hosted guests right in the White House and helped Martha gain a solid weight in the world political and business arenas, so that she could serve the interests of the Norwegian people even from the other side of the Atlantic. When the Crown Princess returned to Europe in 1945, grateful Norwegians called her the Mother of the Nation.

The image of Martha will be embodied by the Swedish actress Sofia Helin, who became famous all over the world for her role in the crime drama The Bridge.


Crossing the Atlantic is expected to become one of the most expensive television projects in Scandinavian history. Work on the mini-series will start next month. The first filming stage will take place in the Czech Republic, after which the biographical drama team will move to Norway.

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