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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the MCU

Image The Walt Disney Empire acquired Lucasfilm just four years ago, but is already reaping the rewards of its $ 4 billion investment in franchises such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones . To date, the Hollywood major has managed to present the seventh episode of the space saga to the public, and this December the first of the three officially announced spin-offs of the film series about a distant, distant galaxy will be released.

As for " Indiana Jones ", until recently, Disney said that it has only a fifth of the action adventure in development, in the creation of which will be directed by Steven Spielberg and actor Harrison Ford. Last month, the head of Disney Robert A. Iger was in no hurry to confirm rumors about the upcoming expansion of the film series, but at the London festival Star Wars Celebration the general manager of Lucasfilm Linven Brennan unexpectedly let out Collider that House of Mouse does have long-term plans for a story about the famous archaeologist.

According to Brennan , her company's writing department under the direction of Kiri Hart (Star Wars Rebels ) created the official timeline for the franchise and invented stories for various projects based on " Indiana Jones " for many years to come. That said, the general manager of Lucasfilm has not yet gone into the details of exactly how the popular brand will be transformed. We can talk about the creation of video games, TV series, cartoons and new films. Anyway, the words Brennan indicate that the bosses of Disney may try to make " Indiana Jones " as large-scale universe as " Star Wars ".


Insiders do not exclude that in the fifth film, the hero of Harrison Ford will pass the hat and whip to a new adventurer. Over the past couple of years, Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth and many other stars have been wooed to the role of successor to Indie .

The USA premiere of Indiana Jones 5 is set for July 18, 2019 .

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