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Indiana Jones is not going to retire

Image In March of this year, it was officially announced that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford will begin work on the fifth film about Indiana Jones . However, it is still unknown how significant the role of Ford will be in the future film and whether he will have a successor.

Disney Robert A. Iger CEO shared some details of the project in his interview for The Hollywood Reporter . When reporters asked him if the Indiana Jones universe would become as comprehensive as Star Wars, the head of House of Mouse replied:"Such as Star Wars"; it will not, but we still hope ... At the moment, we are paying all attention to the reboot, or, I would say, the continuation of the franchise ".

Regarding the participation of Ford Iger only noted that the actor will return to his role, but the project team has yet to decide on the direction of the further development of the film series. According to Robert , Indiana Jones 5 is a mix of a sequel and a reboot. And although Iger tried not to give direct answers, journalists still managed to extort information from him about the fate of the legendary adventurer.


“I don’t think this series will ever compare in scale to Star Wars , but I see the potential for a sequel. In my opinion, the matter will not be limited to one new film about Indiana, - admitted Iger .

The world premiere of the fifth part of the adventures of the brave archaeologist is set for July 18, 2019 .

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