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Superhero For Hire

Image In December 2014, the leadership of the Sega corporation announced their desire to bring the heroes of their popular video games to the big screens. Since then, film adaptations of such popular franchises as Sonic the Hedgehog and Shinobi have gone into work, and now it is the turn of the action RPG Rent a Hero , released on consoles in 1991.

The central character of the game was a young guy Taro Yamada , in whose hands a unique battle armor fell. The protagonist decided to become a kind of superhero for hire, ready to fulfill the most diverse requests of the inhabitants of his hometown for a reasonable fee.

The directorial chair of the film adaptation will be taken by Steve Pink ("Jacuzzi Time Machine"), who will write the screenplay with Jeff Morris ("What Have You Done?"). Judging by the information of The Hollywood Reporter , the leadership of the Japanese corporation decided to bring the plot of Rent a Hero closer to modern American realities. They expect to make the main character of the film a young genius who will have to fight with his new employer, who used his inventions to create a deadly weapon ...


The project will be overseen by Stories International studio, which is a subsidiary of one of the leaders in the gaming industry.

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