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Tim Miller to movie Sonic the Hedgehog


Having said goodbye to the adaptation of the Fox comics about Deadpool, director Tim Miller quickly found a new job at Sony Pictures. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he will produce a feature-length feature movie about Sonic the Hedgehog from the popular game series.

Jeff Fowler, with whom Miller collaborated earlier, was appointed as the director of the movie. It will be his directorial debut for him. It is assumed that in the movie adaptation "live" actors will interact with drawn characters. The genre of the project is defined as "family adventure movie".

Recall that Sonic made his debut in 1991 in a game created by Sega. His image was created by artist Naoto Oshima, programmer Yuji Naka and designer Hirokazu Yasuhara. The main character got his name for his ability to move at supersonic speed. The main opponent of Sonic and his friends is Dr. Eggman, who strives for world domination.

Sonic's popularity was so great that soon after the release of the first games, he became the official symbol of Sega, which it remains to this day. A large number of animated movies, comics, TV series and the like have been created on the basis of the game franchise.

Terms of work on the project have not yet been specified.

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Author: Jake Pinkman