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NBC wants to create its own Lost

Image One of the main television hits of the 2000s is considered to be the adventure drama "Lost", which managed not only to win many prestigious awards and receive rave reviews from critics, but also to infect millions of viewers around the globe with the virus of TV addiction. The phenomenal success of the iconic ABC show has long haunted the heads of other American terrestrial television networks. As it became known to the edition Deadline , the producers of NBC decided to make an attempt to make a series in the spirit of “ Staying Alive ”.

One of the oldest television networks in the United States ordered from the studio Warner Bros. and the company of the Oscar-winning Robert Zemeckis ("Back to the Future", "Forrest Gump") a pilot series of the project " List passengers "* ( Manifest ). The concept of this action-packed thriller was developed by the writer Jeff Rake , whose track record includes such serial dramas as Beauty and the Beast and People of the Future.

In the center of the plot of the novelties of the NBC channel will be the passengers of the plane, which under mysterious circumstances disappeared from all radars. The aircraft began to be presumed dead at sea, but five years later it unexpectedly landed at its destination. To the surprise of the world community, the pilots and passengers of the lost flight claim they have no idea where they have been missing all these years ...


Zemeckis already has a successful TV experience: at one time he acted as the executive producer of the famous anthology Tales from the Crypt. In the near future, Robert also plans to create a live-action series based on the popular animated sitcom "The Jetsons".

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