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The Coen brothers explore the darknet

Image Over the past few years, Hollywood has repeatedly tried to portray the story of Ross Ulbricht, the owner of the anonymous Silk Road trading platform, where illegal goods were sold. One of these attempts can be called successful - in 2015, the documentary "Deep Web" directed by Alex Winter was released. As the site Variety reports, now Fox studio intends to tell about the life of Ulbricht , and Ethan and Joel Coens .

According to the source, the studio has invited the duo to write the film Dark Web . The first draft of the text back in 2013 was written by popular author Dennis Lehane ("Island of the Damned"), based on an article from the magazine Wired . Since then, there has been no progress in the work on the project, and it is still unknown who will lead its filming.

The Ulbricht Silk Road site operated from 2011 to 2013. Due to the fact that she was on the anonymous network Tor , and all payments were made in bitcoins, buyers and sellers received complete anonymity. Most of the goods were illegal, and various psychoactive substances occupied a special place among them. However, in October 2013, Ulbricht was arrested on charges of drug trafficking, hacker attacks and money laundering. Ross is currently serving a life sentence.


The latest directorial work of the Coen brothers is the film "Long Live Caesar!" At the same time, the duo managed to write the script for the drama "The Spy Bridge" and the comedy "Suburbicon", the shooting of which is directed by George Clooney.

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