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Casting: Eva Green to space, Armie Hammer to court

Image Eva Green was seen by viewers in different ways: raising strange children, losing her feelings, fighting her own demons in Victorian London. Now the actress is about to go into space. The portal The Hollywood Reporter writes that Green will play the main role in the new drama from the director of "The Bodyguard" Alice Vinokur.

So far, the project has been tentatively named Proxima ( Proxima *), and Vinokur plans to start filming it in January. The company Eve Green on the screens will be the German actor Lars Eidinger ("Sils-Maria").

Green is set to embody the image of a female astronaut from the European Space Agency, who is preparing for a mission lasting a year. The most difficult thing for the heroine is the exhausting preparation for the flight and the upcoming separation from her 7-year-old daughter. Eva Green herself will be preparing for filming under the guidance of French astronaut Tom Pesquet . Vinokur has been hatching the idea of a new film for two years, and the director was inspired by her own life experience, passion for space and James Cameron's film The Abyss.


Armie Hammer ("The Lone Ranger") will join Felicity Jones on the set of the biographical drama On the Basis of Sex ( "By Sex" *) , which will tell about US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The film will be directed by Mimi Leder (Almost Human) and written by Ginsburg 's nephew Daniel Steepleman.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of the women who have fought for gender equality throughout their careers. She created the first law journal on the subject, was the first female professor at Columbia University, and was nominated by Bill Clinton to serve on the Supreme Court in 1993. Hammer got the role of lawyer Marty Ginsburg - the husband of Ruth , who supported her throughout her career.


Jean Reno ("Leon") and Katie Holmes ("The Kennedy Clan") are preparing to work together on the action-thriller Doorman ( " Doorman " *), whose filming was entrusted to Ryuhei Kitamura (" Midnight Express ").

Holmes got the role of a naval officer. After failing to recover in the service, she gets a job as a doorman in a historic building in New York. Life goes on as usual, until one day the mercenaries launch an attack on the house in search of a valuable piece of art hidden somewhere within the walls of the building. The role of Jean Reno's character in the plot remains a mystery: whether he will come to the aid of the doorman, or will be one of the criminals.

* - preliminary translation.

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