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Hercule Poirot to check Armie Hammer's alibi

Image When 20th Century Fox gave the green light to the second film in the series about the adventures of Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, many viewers had a suspicion that it would not be able to assemble the same star cast as in last year's "Murder on the Orient Express." The first news of the casting for the picture "Death on the Nile" can allay these fears. At the end of last month, Gal Gadot won the role in the film adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel, and now Armie Hammer has signed a contract with Fox.

The script for the film based on the 1937 book was written by Michael Green. Death on the Nile will be directed by Kenneth Branagh, who will also return to Poirot. According to preliminary information, Gal Gadot will play the wealthy heiress Linnett Doyle, who is not lucky enough to end up in a fatal love triangle.

Information about Hammer's character is still kept secret. It is possible that he was entrusted with the role of the on-screen spouse of the heroine Gadot - Simon Doyle. Armie and Gal proved that they look great as a pair earlier this year at the 90th Academy Awards.


Fox set a December 20, 2019 world premiere this summer, but now it is likely to have to change its release schedule. Hollywood insiders claim that Death on the Nile will only start filming in the middle of next year and that Brana will simply not have time to meet the deadline.

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Author: Jake Pinkman