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Green Lantern Corps has recruited writers

Image The news that Warner Bros. is preparing a new film about Green Lantern is no longer a secret. The start of work on the film comics was announced in the fall of 2014. The blockbuster, dubbed " Green Lantern Corps ", is slated to release in 2020, but the major has already recruited scriptwriters for the project.

According to the information portal Deadline , David S. Goyer and Justin B. Rhodes ("The Hired Killers") will be responsible for the text of the upcoming film. It was Goyer , along with Christopher Nolan, who stood at the origins of the DC cinematic universe - they proposed the WB idea of the "Man of Steel", after which David wrote the blockbuster script. He also managed to work on the text of "Batman v Superman", but it was later remade by Chris Terrio.

The Green Lantern Corps is at this stage described as a “Lethal Weapon” that will take place in space. Apparently, the leadership of WB nevertheless listened to accusations of excessive pathos and gloom of the superhero universe.


The central characters of the film will be two superheroes at once named Green Lantern - Hal Jordan and John Stewart . Tyrese Gibson really wanted to play the role of the latter in the past, but WB will probably postpone the selection of actors until the script is ready.

Hal Jordan , we recall, has already appeared on the big screens - in 2011 "Green Lantern" the hero was played by Ryan Reynolds. Martin Campbell's film was supposed to kick off a new franchise, but disappointed critics and audiences alike.

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Author: Jake Pinkman