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Casting: Bad Moms and a Kidnapped Grandson

Image Released last year, the film "Bad Moms" earned more than $ 180 million at the worldwide box office on a very modest budget of $ 20 million. Inspired by the success of the studio STX Entertainment immediately thought about creating a franchise based on the film. The company was planning a spin-off about Bad Dads, but first they decided to release a sequel called Bad Mom's Christmas .

Susan Sarandon (Stepmother, Feud), Christine Baranski (The Good Wife) and Cheryl Hines (Nine Lives) have joined the cast of the picture, reports the information portal Deadline .


In the new film, viewers expect even more maternal love. In the center of the plot will againbe young mothers Amy , Karla and Kiki , who will face a difficult test - their own mothers will come to them at Christmas ... And it will be much more difficult than organizing a drunken party or a party for a dozen children.

Susan Sarandon will appear as the mother of the character Katherine Khan, Baranski will become related to Mila Kunis, and Cheryl Hines will be the daughter of Kristen Bell.


Writers and directors of the first part John Lucas and Scott Moore, producer Suzanne Todd and executive producers Bill Block and Mark Kamine returned to work on the sequel. Viewers will also see some of the actors familiar from the original film - Jay Hernandez, David Walton and Wanda Sykes.

Filming is taking place in Atlanta and is scheduled to hit the big screens on November 30 .

Meanwhile, Clive Owen (Child of Man), Tom Felton (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone), George McKay (Captain Fantastic ") And Devon Terrell (" Barry ") have joined the cast of the romantic tragedy" Ophelia ", reports Variety . Daisy Ridley and Naomi Watts have already been assigned to the project.


Based on the novel by Lisa Klein and adapted for the screen by Semi Chellas (Mad Men), it is a modern reimagining of Hamlet . While Shakespeare's story focuses on the Danish prince Hamlet and his obsession with revenge on his father's murderer, the new readingallows the viewer to see the famous tragedy from the perspective of Ophelia . The daughter of the chief adviser Polonia , the queen's most loyal court lady, falls in love with Hamlet . However, the war reigning around, lust, betrayal and madness ruin the girl's plans for happiness.

Events will unfold in the XIV century, but the plot will be presented in modern language. Clive Owen will play Claudius , McKay will be Hamlet , Terrell - Horatio and Tom Felton will be reincarnated as Laertes .

Filming is due to begin this month in Prague, with Australian Claire McCarthy (10 Moments of Destiny) as director.


Ridley Scott has finally found a co-star in his next project, All the Money in the World. Rising star Charlie Plummer ("King Jack") has joined the cast of the film as the kidnapped grandson of billionaire Jean Paul Getty .

A screenplay by David Scarpa (The Day the Earth Stood Still), featured in Hollywood's 2015 Blacklist of Best Unrealized Ideas,the story of the kidnapping of Jean Paul Getty III , the grandson of an American oil industrialist and billionaire Jean Paul Getty . The action starts in 1973, in Italy, where the younger Getty lived at that time. The kidnappers requested a ransom of $ 17 million, but Getty Sr. refused to pay for five months. In an attempt to get the billionaire to fork out, the kidnappers sent him the severed ear of his grandson. After that, Getty nevertheless agreed to pay, but he allocated not 17 million for the ransom, but three, some of which he also lent to his son at a certain percentage.


The role of the uncompromising billionaire went to Kevin Spacey, the mother of Getty will portray Michelle Williams on the screen, and Mark Wahlberg will become the confidant of the oil tycoon.

The studio is engaged in the production of the picture Sony Pictures . Filming is scheduled to begin in Italy this month.

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