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Bad Mommies Will Call Daddies

Image The comedy " Bad Moms " unexpectedly became one of the hits of this summer-fall, and the company STX Entertainment , inspired by the success of the film, decided to create a franchise based on it, the website reports. b>Deadline . However, instead of launching a sequel to the film, the studio will shoot its spin-off, dubbed Bad Dads ( Very Bad Daddies *).

The project has already got a release date - it will hit the big screens on July 14, 2017 . However, other details of the upcoming film have not yet been disclosed. That said, STX is planning to expand the Bad Moms brand and is working on not only a few spin-off comedy but also a reality television show.

The film was directed and written by Scott Moore and John Lucas ("The Hangover in Vegas") about how desperate mothers decided to break away. The film, starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Katherine Khan, grossed $ 170.9 million at the worldwide box office with a modest budget of $ 20 million by modern standards.


The further plans of the creators of the original tape look very ambitious. However, there is concern that STX has less than a year left to prepare a new project, while Very Bad Moms has been in development for several years. And the company at the box office of the spin-off will be impressive - the blockbuster "War of the Planet of the Apes" will compete for viewers' attention and finances.

* -preliminary translation.

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