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USAn Box Office: The Jedi Couldn't Resist the Call of the Jungle

Image In terms of general box office receipts, the penultimate weekend of the outgoing year has not prepared any serious shocks for distributors. The proceeds of the cinemas remained at the level of the previous week and amounted to about 788 million rubles. But the leader of the box office has changed. One of the most anticipated films of the year, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", significantly lost in the box office and managed to skip ahead of two new films.

The triumphant of the financial rating this time was the blockbuster adventure "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle". The sequel to the 1995 Joe Johnston film follows four teenagers trapped inside a game called Jumanji. To return home, they will have to reincarnate in the characters of a dangerous game and go through it to the end, but the main thing is to try to stay alive. Key roles in the film are played by Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan. During the premiere weekend "Call of the Jungle" managed to collect in the USA box office 292 million rubles.


As for the reaction of the audience to the sequel, their opinions are divided. Of course, fans of the film with Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pearce in the lead roles inevitably compare the new tape with him, and this comparison, alas, is not in favor of the latter. If the original picture was at the same time atmospheric, mysterious, a little creepy, but still funny, and full of unpredictable dangers, then the creators of "Welcome to the Jungle" decided to focus mainly on entertainment and humor, completely depriving it of the charm inherent in the past film. But nevertheless, fans of blockbusters, beautifully filmed fights and chases, as well as simple jokes, a cheerful New Year's ride from the creator of "Very Bad Teacher" Jake Kasdan nevertheless appreciated, calling it very suitable for

Next came the national comedy "New Fir Trees". The New Year's film almanac, traditionally consisting of several interconnected short stories shot by different directors, has been released since 2010 and is invariably popular with viewers. Like the previous five films, "Fir Trees" tells about various characters, both new and well-known to fans of the film series, who fall in love, quarrel, reconcile, commit heroic deeds and all sorts of stupid things just to celebrate the holiday in the company of a kindred spirit. The continuation of the popular franchise started at 182 million rubles. The result is at the level of the previous film, "Yolki 5", which earned 187 million rubles during the premiere weekend. and finished rolling with the amount of 778 million rubles. As for the fees for the rest of the units, the first put 701 million rubles into its account, the second - already 833 million rubles. The fees of the third "Elok" were able to overcome the billion mark and have mastered about 1.25 billion rubles, while the fourth series called "Yolki 1914" received 704 million rubles from the audience.

After an obvious decrease in fees, Bazelevs studio decided, so to speak, to reboot the franchise and invited the author of "Bitter!" and “The Best Day” by Zhoru Kryzhovnikov, who acted not only as a director and screenwriter for one of the short stories, but also as a creative producer of the entire film. Judging by the feedback from critics and viewers, they mostly liked the fresh look and updated cast of characters. Of course, you should not expect any surprises from the picture, the plots of the stories are quite simple, the humor also does not shine with special originality, but it copes with its task of entertaining and giving a light and positive New Year mood.


The third place went to the leader of last week, the eighth episode of the legendary Star Wars movie saga. The fees of The Last Jedi dropped by almost 75% compared to the premiere weekend and amounted to 127 million rubles. In total, the story of the next confrontation between good and evil led by the fearless Rey and the last Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker has earned 716 million rubles to date. Thus, she was able to overtake the Star Wars spin-off, Rogue One, which was released in December last year, and spent a little over 704 million rubles all the time. However, the seventh episode of the franchise, apparently, will remain unattainable for the "Jedi". The Force Awakens earned a total of RUB 1.87 billion two years ago.


On the fourth line is a Blue Sky Studios cartoon called "Ferdinand", based on the 1936 book by writer Munro Leaf "The Story of Ferdinand". Despite its enormous size and remarkable strength, the main character of the cartoon is the kindest bull in all of Spain. And by an absurd accident, it is he who is chosen among other tribesmen to participate in the bullfight in Madrid. The film was directed by Carlos Saldana, behind whom the first three films of the Ice Age franchise and the Rio dilogy are behind him. At the upcoming Golden Globe, the project is presented in two nominations at once: Best Song and Best Animated Film.

Reviewers speak quite positively about the cartoon, mentioning the excellent graphics, good music, pleasant humor and a kind and funny story in itself with important morality not only about protecting animals, but also about the fact that you always need to be yourself and defend your beliefs. Analysts predicted "Ferdinand" starting fees in the region of 140-170 million rubles, but for the premiere weekend he managed to earn only 121 million rubles. For the pre-New Year weekend, this situation is quite standard, the holidays are ahead and the tape about the charming bull can still count on a noticeable increase in the box office.


Closing the top five of the leaders of the past week is another animated picture, this time of USA production - "Three heroes and a princess of Egypt." Alyosha Popovich, Ilya Muromets and Dobryna Nikitich have to face a new insidious hero - the thirteenth month named Durilo, who dreams of fulfilling his cherished desire and becoming the main month of the year. The new part of the famous franchise is released on December 28, while it started in preview format and earned 20 million rubles in four days.

If we count individual cartoons about each of the characters, then this is the eighth film by the Melnitsa studio about USA knights. With the exception of the second film "Dobrynya Nikitich and the Serpent Gorynych", which was released in March 2006 and received 101 million rubles from viewers, the rest of "Bogatyrs" are traditionally released in USA during the New Year holidays. And if the results of solo "Alyosha Popovich" (48 million rubles) and "Ilya Muromets" (240 million rubles) were quite modest, then the box office receipts of joint adventures each time exceeded half a million rubles. Thus, "The Shamakhan Queen" earned 575 million rubles, "On the Distant Shores" - 950 million rubles, "Horse Run" - 963 million rubles, and the "Sea Tsar" - 802 million rubles. Based on the results of the preliminary screenings, it is too early to draw any conclusions regarding the final results of "Princess of Egypt", but one can expect

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