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The jungle is calling again!

Image Sony's decision to shoot a new version of the cult film "Jumanji" was perceived by many with a grain of salt, especially fans of the original film. However, "Call of the Jungle" eventually justified the expectations placed on it and managed to win the love of moviegoers, who took $ 858 million to the blockbuster. Moreover, Jake Kasdan's tape fought on equal terms with "The Last Jedi" and continues to lead in the North American box office.

Under these circumstances, the sequel to Call of the Jungle was only a matter of time. Last month, Sony CEO Tom Rothman admitted to reporters that he would love to watch in 2019 how the next part of "Jumanji" battles in the box office with the ninth episode of "Star Wars". Now the major has taken the first step towards realizing this idea by inviting Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner to write the script for the sequel "Welcome to the Jungle." This is reported by the news site Deadline.

Rosenberg and Pinkner managed to work on the text of the blockbuster "Venom" for the same Sony studio. In addition to the writers, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan will also return to work on the sequel. They will reappear as avatars from the video game. It is likely that Alex Wolfe, Ser'Darius William Blaine, Madison Isman and Morgan Turner, who played the alter ego of the main characters in real life, will also take part in the filming, although this information has not yet been confirmed.


There is no information about the plot of the next film in the Jumanji franchise, and it is not yet clear what will make the four central characters return to the jungle. Perhaps viewers will see the avatars from the video game get into the real world, as happened with the animals in the original 1995 tape. The date of the premiere of the project has not been determined.

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