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Beatings in the bedroom and on the streets of Rome: watch this week

Image Next week will see the triumphant and undoubtedly long-awaited return of two charismatic movie heroes at once: the big connoisseur of leather lashes Christian Gray and the ruthless hitman John Wick . And although the target audiences of these characters do not overlap, most likely, both of them will find their grateful viewers in our cinemas.

Recall that the film "Fifty Shades Darker" , which was created by the English writer E.L. James (author of the book trilogy underlying the franchise), her husband Niall Leonard and director James Foley, is a sequel to the erotic drama Fifty Shades of Gray. She talked about how a simple innocent girl Ana Steele fell madly in love with a very attractive billionaire and, courageously overcoming all her fears, embarked with him on an exciting journey through the world of BDSM.

In the second part, their uneasy relationship will continue to develop. Ana wants more than her man is ready to offer her at this stage, and Christian reacts to these claims by closing in on himself and painfully trying to rebuff his inner demons. Meanwhile, the ghosts of his past enter the arena, intent on preventing this strange couple from loving each other.

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The first part favorably differed from the printed original in that all the suffering and mental throwing of the"inner goddess"were cut out from there, and scenes of seduction and what followed, including the famous Red Room, came to the fore. What will happen with the sequel is not very clear, because in the book Miss Steele focuses on getting her lover not in his pants, but in the head, and such turns are fraught with the transformation of erotic drama into just drama. However, there is little that can save this project from criticism from the professional community, while fans of books and the charming Jamie Dornan will certainly not be stingy with a ticket, just to once again present themselves in the arms of a temperamental billionaire in the darkness of the cinema. Recall

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If you were unlucky and you were dragged to a session of the new "50 shades" by force, persuasion or blackmail, you can seize the moment and run away from your girlfriend to a nearby cinema - to a film where violence is not part of sex games, but a way of life. This is a crime fighter "John Wick 2" , a sequel to the 2014 film. No one then expected anything extraordinary from the stunt directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, but the hero Keanu Reeves, who could kill three people with one pencil, immediately sunk into the souls of moviegoers. So we are looking forward to the return of the killer, nicknamed Baba Yaga . In the sequel, John will make an unsuccessful attempt to retire - his former colleague in the shop decided to lead the mercenary guild, and Wick once vowed to help him in this. To answer for his words, he will go to Rome, where he will fight with a whole crowd of the best professionals in their field. This time, only Stahelski remained in the director's chair, who recently admitted to reporters that he would not mind filming a series about Wick .

The Lego Movie: Batman
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One more newcomer of the week, an animated spin-off Lego. Movie: Batman " . At the time of this writing, his rating on Rottentomatoes is an impressive 94%. According to the plot, the cartoon Gotham guard with an open visor is preparing to meet serious changes, fight the Joker and try himself in teamwork: Robin and Robin and Batgirl . The project was directed by Chris McKay ("Robot Chicken") and written by Seth Graham-Smith ("Pride, Prejudice and Zombies"). Recently it became known that the advertising campaign for this project has allowed the corporation Lego to become the most influential brand in the world. Even such giants were left behind like Google and Nike . The beginning of such a success was laid by the one that gave the start to the Lego franchise. Film.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
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Another famous character will return to us next week, however, to say goodbye. Alice from the series-based Resident Evil franchise brings us the final chapter in the story of the fight against Umbrella Corporation. The action of the tape will unfold after the events of the previous part. People have less strength, as well as the chances of winning this exhausting war. Alice will return to Raccoon City, where Umbrella plans to launch a massive final attack on those fortunate enough to survive the apocalypse. On the spot, the main character will unite with old friends and new allies, deceive time itself and try to save the remnants of humanity. The fantasy thriller Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is supposed to be will close the film series, which bears the honorary title of the most profitable franchise based on video games. However, those who have already seen the picture say that there is a loophole in its plot for a potential continuation ...

ImageThree years after its world premiere, a full-length director's and screenwriting debut by Jason Momoa. Road movie "Road of Honor" is a story about two bikers, one of whom is hiding from FBI agents (after lynching the one who raped and killed his mother), the other makes the path of the spirit due to an unsuccessful marriage. Together they will have to comprehend their lives and decide what to do next. Judging by the reviews of critics, this picture may appeal to fans of the original auteur cinema, touching upon the pressing issues for thinking people. Plus, the Road of Honor features stunning landscapes, a great uplifting soundtrack, and decent acting.

ImageWith a high degree of probability, another newcomer will be able to boast of a good acting game - Wim Wenders' drama Beautiful Days in Aranjuez , nominated for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival . The plot focuses on a writer observing a man and a woman talking. The main characters discuss their childhood, the delights of the summertime and love affairs. This calm, fully consistent with its title picture can be a good replacement for "50 Shades" for those who prefer a thoughtful, biased, deeply personal contact with the art of cinema to speculation on the basic human instinct.

And finally, an emotional adventure comedy. At the end of the list of premieres there is an Italian film titled "Who are these people?" about a provincial who, with the help of revolutionary tools, wants to win the respect of the head of his company, and at the same time get a raise in his salary. Instead, he will meet a crook and taste a whole new, adventurous life.

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