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Mrs. Gray wants to play. Trailer ”50 Shades of Freedom”

Image For those who follow the fate of the billionaire and passionate BDSM fan Christian Gray, a dubbed trailer for the erotic drama "Fifty Shades of Freedom" has been published on the Web, in which he is, unfortunately, already married. And at first glance, quite happy.

Recall that this film is the third part of the franchise about the passionate love of a charming rich sadist and an innocent (at the time of the first picture) student. The plot is based on the bestsellers of the English writer E.L. James. She, together with her husband Nial Leonard, wrote the script. The director of the previous film, James Foley, returned to the director's chair. The stars are all the same Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

Christian and Ana finally got married and live happily ever after, enjoying all sorts of benefits and time, usefully spent in the famous Red Room. However, the newly-made Mrs. Gray does not suspect that while she puts her bulges under the whip of her husband, the rejected man from her past decided to go on the warpath and is preparing an insidious plan of revenge. And as if that weren't enough, Christian's inner demons again make themselves felt, forcing Anu to go crazy with jealousy and commit rash acts.

Judging by the trailer, the triquel will pay more attention not so much to the carnal pleasures of the main characters, but to a detailed description of their beautiful life with private jets, fluffy foam in the jacuzzi, luxurious cars and high positions. However, perhaps the most interesting admirers of E.L. James's talent will be able to see directly at the film show.

Dubbed Trailer

"The long-awaited culmination" awaits our viewers in cinemas on February 8 next year.

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