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Mask, I will undress you. New ”50 Shades” Trailer

Image Did you miss Christian Gray and his leather whips? Even if not, the release of the erotic drama Fifty Shades Darker on our screens is inevitable, and today you can watch a dubbed trailer for this joint creation of the writer E.L. James, her husband Nial Leonard, and director James Foley. The latter, by the way, was nominated for the "Golden Bear" of the Brelinale for the film "Point Blank", but it was back in 1986 and will hardly be the factor that will help to get interested in the new "50 shades" festival critics.

So, the relationship of the sadistic billionaire Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan) and now not students, but the editorial staff of Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) continues to develop. Ana still wants from Christian real "vanilla" love (while not refusing to sometimes participate in dangerous sexual experiments of her lover), and Christian closes in himself and seriously thinks that this naive girl will never "bewitch" him.


Meanwhile, the ghosts of his past are making themselves felt: the former main character and the new boyfriend of the main character intend to prevent the couple from building love according to their own laws, and you will find out how this will all turn out next year.And then it will follow and the third part of the franchise.

Dubbed trailer

In our cinemas it will be fifty shades darker February 9, 2017 , but for now we are watching a trailer in which Anastacia dreams of fireworks, and Christian - of how to take off her beautiful silk dress more effectively.

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Author: Jake Pinkman