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Ridley Scott eyeing Korean Howl Remake

Image Hollywood colossus Ridley Scott proves from year to year that people of art have age only in their passports. Despite the fact that the director will turn 80 this year, his activity can only be envied. Screencrush announces that the director is about to add another project to his busy schedule.

It is a remake of the supernatural thriller Howl , filmed by Na Hong Jin.The plot of the film revolves around strange events in a Korean village. Suddenly its inhabitants began to attack their friends and neighbors. Some attacks are fatal. Nobody knows what caused this aggressive behavior. The protagonist of the film, the guardian of order, turns a blind eye to everything, but only as long as his own daughter is not involved in this horror. Poisonous mushrooms, a strange Japanese man and a witchcraft background are included.


Hosung Kim , head of Fox Korea, said in an interview with Screen Daily :“They say ` `Howl ''; reminded them of "The Exorcist", "The Bell" and Seven. True, the setting and emotional component of The Scream are so strong that I doubt it. I doubt the western remake will be that easy to film. It is very important who will direct the project. I believe the only director who can film the remake is Na Hong Jin . But we are still at an early stage of negotiations. ”Speaking of American directors who could take the helm of the project, Kim added that Ridley Scott

If old Ridley agrees to take a break from his favorite xenomorphs for a while, then the remake of Howl won't see the light of day for a long time. As soon as the director reports on the tape "Alien: Covenant", he plans to start the crime thriller "Good Man" with Casey Affleck. This only applies to directing. In terms of production, his company Scott Free is running about twenty projects simultaneously. Among them are such sensational series as "Taboo" and "The Man in the High Castle" .

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Author: Jake Pinkman