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Paul and Hendrix hit the Scottish fire

Image Ridley Scott's new production project is shaping the cast, according to Empire .

Among the many films being developed under the watchful eye of the Hollywood colossus Ridley Scott , there is the thriller The Burning Woman * ( The Burning Woman ). Recently it was reported that three top-tier actors signed up for the film at once - Aaron Paul, Christina Hendrix and Sienna Miller . Earlier it was reported that Anne Hathaway was eyeing the main role, but later the actress left the project, so it is possible that the character that was intended for her will end up with Hendrix or Miller . In the director's chair for Women on Fire is Jake Scott (Welcome to Riley), the son of old Ridley .


One day the daughter of the main character disappears in an unknown direction, leaving the mother of her newborn son. The events of the tape cover a period of 11 years, during which the woman is raising her grandson and trying to find out where her daughter has disappeared.The shooting period and release date will be announced later.

* - preliminary translation.

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