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It Franchise Director Will Film Howl Remake

Image The director of the acclaimed horror film Mama and both parts of the It franchise, Andres Muschetti, has chosen a new project in the same genre. It is reported that he intends to lead the filming of the horror remake "Howl". The original was shot in 1981 by Joe Dante based on the book by Gary Brandner. The remake is due out on Netflix.

The main role in Dante's tape was played by Dee Wallace-Stone ("Cujo"). She played the TV journalist Karen White, who, after meeting with a maniac, on the advice of her psychotherapist, went to treat her nerves in a Californian commune. Soon Karen realizes that the inhabitants of this strange place are hiding a certain secret, and then it turns out that this secret is connected with werewolves. Howl is considered a classic of the horror genre, but its older film adaptation has significant differences from the printed original. Where Muschetti's version will be closer - to a film or a book - has not yet been reported.

Andres is not expected to start working on the remake before he tackles the blockbuster "Flash" for Warner Bros. The latter, by the way, recently received a release date - July 1, 2022.

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