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James Franco organizes a love triangle

Image In recent years, James Franco has successfully combined his acting and directing careers. Moreover, he almost always not only directs the filming, but also appears in the frame himself. Now Franco has found a project for himself, in which he, apparently, will act only as a stage director.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that James will direct the movie The Pretenders , written by Josh Boone ("Stuck in Love") ... Franco even found actors to play the main roles - luck was on the side of Jack Kilmer ("Palo Alto"), Shamick Moore ("Dope") and Jane Levy ("Evil Dead: The Black Book"). Brian Cox and Juno Temple will also take part in the filming of the tape.

The script for the film was submitted to Hollywood producers back in 2013. Since then, the project has changed its cast several times, but now it looks like the idea of Boone will still be implemented.The film is about two college friends who fall in love with the same girl. This is how a unique love story begins, stretching for a whole decade against the backdrop of New York in the 80s.


Among the latest directorial works of Franco are the screen version of John Steinbeck's novel And We Lost the Battle, as well as the film The Woe Creator, which tells the story of the creation of The Room. James will soon be paired with Brian Cranston in the comedy "Why Him?"

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