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Morten Tildum will play games with time

Image One of the upcoming films directed by Morten Tildum , the drama "Passengers" is connected with space travel, and now the filmmaker has decided to go on a journey through time. According to the website Variety , Tildum is in talks to lead the filming of the film adaptation of Lauren Bukes' novel The Shining Girls .

The painting is being carried out by the MRC studio, which has joined forces with Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way . Previously, Danny Boyle planned to become the director and screenwriter of the film, but he eventually left the project.

Speech in the original work is about Harper Curtis - a serial killer from Chicago of the 30s. One day he finds a mysterious house with a room where there are the names of all the girls he has to kill. From this room Harper can move at any time period - to meet with his victims, watch them and take lives, so that afterwards he disappears without a trace. It would seem an ideal scheme ... But one of the girls survives and turns to a journalist for help in order to find a maniac and bring him to clean water.


Morten Tildum is nominated for the Oscar for The Imitation Game. In addition to the already mentioned Passengers , which are in post-production, the director also plans to lead the filming of The Last Days of Night, which tells about the confrontation between Thomas A. Edison and George Westinghouse.

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Author: Jake Pinkman