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Kung Fu Panda Director Goes to Magic Valley

Image The full-length adaptation of the comic book "Bone" ( Bone ) has been in the work of the studio Warner Bros. for a very long time - for the first time they started talking about the project back in 2008 ... But now, judging by the fact that the future cartoon has a director, the Hollywood major intends to bring what he started to the end.

According to the website The Hollywood Reporter , the film adaptation will be directed by Mark Osborne , who will also write the script for the cartoon with Adam Klein. The project, which is to be the first in a trilogy of animated films, is being produced by Dan Lin (Lego. Film) and Zarekh Nalbandian (Legends of the Night Watch).

The main characters in the original comics are the three bald creatures, cousins Fone Bone , Fony Bone and Smiley Bone , as well as their many relatives from Boneville ... One day, the trinity are expelled from their homes, after which they find themselves in a magical Valley inhabited by giant creatures. However, Bones do not even suspect that the dark forces are preparing a conspiracy against them, which means that the adventure is just beginning ...


Most moviegoers may know Mark Osborne as the director of Kung Fu Panda. The filmography of the director also includes the comedy "Rejection", the animated series "SpongeBob SquarePants " and the animated film "The Little Prince", which was included in the long list of nominees for the Oscar " .

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