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Beware of Ghosts

Image Back in 2015, Andres and Barbara Muschetti acquired the rights to film the graphic novel Anya's Ghost , but after that the director and his sister-producer turned their attention to the film adaptation the novel "It". The first progress in adapting the work of Vera Brossgall appeared only now. The project has acquired a director, as reported by the Deadline news site.

Thus, the shooting of the future film will be headed by Dan Mather , who previously collaborated with Sasha Baron Cohen as a screenwriter for the films Borat and Bruno, as well as for the program Ali G Show. The directorial debut of Mather in big cinema was the melodrama "I Give a Year", and in 2016 he presented the comedy "Grandfather of Easy Behavior" to the audience. Mather will have a script by Patrick Ness ("Voice of the Monster"), while Jeremy Bolt ("Resident Evil") and Benedict Carver ("Doomsday") are producing the film.

Annushka Borzakovskaya is a USA emigre who lives in the USA with her mother and brother. She is ashamed of her family, unsure of herself and has long given up trying to fit into the school community. New acquaintances Anya would not hurt at all ... Once, while walking through the forest, a girl falls into a well, where she meets the ghost of Emily , who died about a hundred years ago. This is how Ani has a friend who, as the main character thinks, is the best thing that has happened to her lately. But this unusual union will turn into trouble for Anya , her friends and family ...


The graphic novel Brossgall has won the prestigious Harvey and Eisner awards. The work amazed readers with its vivid characters and atmosphere, earning a comparison with Coraline in Nightmare Land and Paranorman.

Patrick Ness was captured by the story of Anya , and his script turned out to be special. Also, we loved the idea of Dan to make a school comedy with a supernatural twist, ”said producer Jeremy Bolt .

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