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Apple to keep Gyllenhaal safe

Image Apple has succeeded in defeating its opponents in a bitter struggle for the rights to adapt the graphic novel by Tyler Jenkins and Ollie Masters. It has been reported that the studio will be producing a film adaptation of the comic book called Snow Blind ("Snow blindness").

As previously reported, the filming is headed by Gustav Meller, for whom the upcoming thriller will be an English-language directorial debut. The script will be adapted by renowned writer Patrick Ness, who previously worked on Voice of the Monster, and will star in the film by Jake Gyllenhaal (Source Code, Zodiac).

The plot of the graphic novel is centered around a schoolboy living in snowy Alaska. The boy learns that his family members are under a witness protection program for their involvement in a crime, and also discovers that they are being hunted by a revenge-seeking man. Whether Gyllenhaal will play the father of the family or a vengeful criminal is still unknown.


Bidding took place during the pandemic. Participants received a link to a video in which Gyllenhaal, the tape director and Ness talk about the film's plot and show a multimedia presentation. Apple bosses were very enthusiastic about the idea of a picture in which Villeneuve's "Prisoners" is combined with the drama "Idling" by Sidney Lumet.

Source: Deadline

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