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Fox 2000 Escape Yemen

Image Over the past couple of years, Fox 2000 has had a hand in biopics such as Bridge of Spy, Joy and Hidden Figures. According to Deadline , the Hollywood studio has taken into development another project, the plot of which will be based on real events.

Fox 2000 has acquired the rights to film the autobiographical book Mohammed Al Samawi The Fox Hunt ... Last fall, the memoirs of a Yemeni anti-war activist were the subject of a high-profile book auction in which a dozen prominent publishers took part. The winner was William Morrow , which intends to submit the book to readers next year.

In his memoirs, Al Samawi will tell how, after reading the Bible, he began to call Muslims and Christians for peaceful dialogue. Soon, Mohammed 's activities attracted the attention of al-Qaeda members who began to threaten his life. Thanks to social media, the story of Al Samawi became known to four American activists who decided to attempt to get a peace fighter out of civil war in Yemen ...


The book will be adapted by Josh Singer , who last year won an Oscar for his screenplay for Spotlight. The production functions are planned to be given to Mark E. Platt ("La La Land").

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