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Shazam Reborn

Image Justice League is gearing up for its premiere, Aquaman has just finished filming, and Shazam is next in line among DC comics. Despite the fact that the start of production is scheduled for early next year, the cast of the film is just starting to gather.

As The Hollywood Reporter managed to find out, the management of the New Line Cinema studio first of all chose the leading actor. The lucky one turned out to be Zachary Levy, who is well known to TV series fans for such projects as "Chuck" and "Heroes: Rebirth". It is noteworthy that Levy traded Marvel for DC - literally next week, USA viewers will see him in the guise of the warrior Fandral in Ragnarok.

“Shazam” is the story of a boy named Billy Batson who is able to transform into an adult superhero by uttering a magic word. The filming will be directed by David F. Sandberg ("The Curse of Annabelle: The Beginning of Evil", "The Light Goes Out ..."). It is assumed that "Shazam" will become part of the DC cinematic universe, but the details of the plot of the picture are still unknown. Previously, the main antagonist of the project was supposed to be Black Adam performed by Dwayne Johnson, but New Line decided to devote a separate film to him.


Many comic book fans and Johnson himself wanted Shazam to play Armie Hammer. According to the source, he was not among the contenders, but Zachary managed to get around the auditions of such actors as John Cena ("12 Rounds"), Derek Theler ("Daddy"), Zane Holtz ("From Dusk Till Dawn"), Jake McDorman ("Areas of Darkness") and Billy Magnussen ("Into the Woods ...").

The script for "Shazam" was written by Henry Gaiden ("Extraterrestrial Echo") and Darren Lemke ("Horror"), and the premiere of the superhero tape is scheduled for April 5, 2019.

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