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Divergent's finale will go to TV

Image Lionsgate Studios, disappointed with the achievements of the third "Divergent", decided to end the franchise in a rather unexpected way. According to the news site Variety , the fourth and final part of the film series will not be released on the big screens, but will go straight to TV. After the release of the TV movie, the major plans to launch a spin-off " Divergent " in the format of a TV series.

Lionsgate officials have not yet commented on this information. And insiders say it's in the studio's best interest to make the latest film for TV on a budget lower than previous installments.

Initially, the international release of the quadriquel was scheduled for June 9, 2017 , but now the premiere of the picture will probably be postponed. In addition, the filming of the tape, which was supposed to begin in the summer, has not yet started.


After the release of the final part, the franchise will pass into the hands of the television division of Lionsgate . The fourth film is intended to complete the storyline of Tris and her friends, as well as introduce new characters who will later become the central characters of the spin-off. Its action will unfold in the post-apocalyptic world already familiar to the audience.


Lee Toland Krieger was supposed to take the director's chair for the quad, but it is now unclear if he will agree to direct the picture for small screens. The source also writes that the fate of the characters of Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Ansel Elgort, who have not yet officially signed up to participate in the filming of the TV movie, remains in question.

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