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”Divergent” will find shelter on the Starz TV channel

Image Last year it became known that the studio Lionsgate , disappointed in the box office of the third part of the franchise about divergences, decided not to release the fourth film on the big screens. Instead, the company chose to move the franchise to television. They also discussed the possibility of a spin-off in the format of a series with new characters.

However, since then, no news has been reported about the fate of the project. And now, according to sources from the portal Deadline , the cable television channel Starz has taken up the development of the series Ascendant , based on the film franchise studio Lionsgate .

The project is currently at an early stage of development. The script for the future series is being done by Adam Kozad (Jack Ryan: Chaos Theory, Tarzan. The Legend), and the director's post is assigned to Lee Toland Krieger (Age of Adaline, Riverdale). They will also act as executive producers. Kozad and Krieger were previously assigned to work on Ascendant , however, at that time it was supposed to turn into a full-length film and the final fourth part of the franchise ...


So far there are no details about the future project of the Starz channel. It is unclear if any of the main cast of feature films will appear in it, Shailene Woodley, Theo James or Ansel Elgort, because in this way it would be possible to just complete the story of their characters and go directly to the storyline of the series. Representatives of Starz and Lionsgate TV refrain from commenting.

At the moment, three full-length films have been released, based on the novels of the same name by the American writer Veronica Roth. Events unfold in futuristic Chicago, in a world that has survived a global war. To overcome the vices that have brought humanity to the brink of destruction, the whole society is now divided into five factions depending on their personal qualities: Sincerity, Erudition, Friendliness, Fearlessness and Renunciation. Every teenager, upon reaching the age of 16, must take a test to determine which faction to join. The main character Tris , having passed the test, discovers that she belongs to all five factions at once. Such people are called divergences, by their existence they discredit the principles on which society is built, and therefore the government is trying to get rid of them by any means.


Seven months ago, the media company Lionsgate acquired the Starz channel, and recently the president and CEO of the channel Chris Albrecht said that they have an impressive list of projects in development, and in close partnership with Lionsgate there will be more.

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