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Casting: Castaneda to Long Island, Laertes to war

Image The crime drama "Soldier" has not yet been released, and David Castaneda managed to sign up to shoot in the new film We Are Unsatisfied ("Unsatisfied" *), in which Ben Schwartz and Billy Crystal are already involved.

Matt Ratner will film the story of the friendship between a loser comedian (Schwartz) from Los Angeles, forced to return home to East Long Island, and a charismatic dermatologist (Crystal), prone to alcohol addiction. Castaneda plays the role of a friendly security guard who dreams of Ben Schwartz's on-screen sister.

Peter Hoare will write the script, and executive producers Matthew Bronson, Nick Morton and Bert Kern will help bring the idea to life. Filming is due to begin in New York this month.


Onjanu Ellis and Finn Wittrock join the cast of the film adaptation of James Baldwin's book If Beale Street Could Talk * about a young girl named Tish forced to fight for her own happiness after her fiance was imprisoned on false charges ... This week the filmmakers already managed to get Dave Franco and Ed Skrein, but what roles the actors will play are still not reported. Barry Jenkins dreamed of working on a new film so much that he wrote the script several years ago. Annapurna Pictures and Plan B will finance the project.


And Jeremy Laertes (Adele's Life) will star in Matt Heineman's new biopic A Private War * with Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan. The actor got the role of the legendary French photographer Remy Oshlik, who died in February 2012 along with the Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin (Pike) in Syria. Oshlik has covered major military conflicts, from Egypt to Libya. The script, on which Arash Amel worked with Marie Brenner, was based on a Vanity Fair article about the hard life of war correspondent Colvin. During her career, the journalist has visited many hot spots, and during the civil war in Sri Lanka she was seriously injured and lost her eye. Charlize Theron became one of the producers of the future biographical drama.

* - preliminary translation.

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