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Moonlight Director Selected Next Project

Image As it became known to the edition Variety , Barry Jenkins , who received this year's Oscar award for the drama Moonlight, has decided on his next project ... The director is going to film a book by American writer James Baldwin titled If Beale Street Could Talk .

In the center of the plot -19-year-old girl Tish and 22-year-old sculptor Fonni . Tish is expecting a baby, the couple is engaged and preparing for the wedding. However, all hopes for a happy life are dashed when Fonni is falsely accused of raping a Puerto Rican named Victoria Rogers . The young man was framed by a racist policeman, and soon Fonni goes to jail. Victoria Rogers leaves the United States and returns to Puerto Rico, and Tish 's mother, Sharon , goes after her to find evidence for her release Fonni .

The novel is a true triumph of love. Through the prism of the story of Tisch , Fonni and their families, the author shows what a strong family is and what trials it had to go through trying to achieve justice for love, for love and for the notorious American dream.


Jenkins wanted to make a film based on Baldwin for years and wrote the script back in the summer of 2013 while also working on Moonlight . Since then, the director has tried to get permission from the writer's relatives to shoot the film. According to the sister of James Baldwin , the writer's family is delighted to trust Barry Jenkins to adapt the novel. They believe that Barry is a subtle and gifted filmmaker, and his film "Cure for Melancholy" made such a strong impression on them that they simply had to work with him.

James Baldwin is a man ahead of his time. His study of American consciousness remains relevant to this day,- the director shared. -I have long cherished the dream of transferring the story of Tish and Fonni to the screens and I'm glad that I can finally make it happen. "


The upcoming film will mark Jenkins' first collaboration with Annapurna Pictures . Filming is expected to begin in October.

Barry Jenkins has another project in the pipeline. He will write and direct an hour-long episode of The Underground Railroad, a drama series based on Colson Whitehead's bestselling book of the same name and under development at Amazon .

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