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Anderson and Day-Lewis dive into fashion

Image In 2007, the film "Oil" was the fruit of cooperation between the American director Paul Thomas Anderson and the British actor Daniel Day-Lewis . The brilliant historical drama about the California oil boom at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries has won eight Oscar nominations. At the 80th World Film Awards, Anderson lost the fight for three gold statuettes, but Day-Lewis was named Best Actor of the Year.

According to Collider , Paul and Daniel intend to give the world another joint project. So far, the star duo's untitled film has received support from the studio Focus Features , which agreed to allocate $ 35 million for its creation.

Details of the plot of the tape are kept secret. To date, it is only known that its action will unfold in the 50s of the last century in the world of London haute couture. Anderson is set to begin filming next January. For the opportunity to work again under the guidance of the eminent director Day-Lewis decided to interrupt his rather prolonged sabbatical: the last time the Briton could be seen on the screen in the biographical drama "Lincoln".


Focus Features will be distributing the film in the US, and Universal Pictures has rushed to acquire the rights to distribute it in other countries. Megan Ellison (American Scam) and Joanne Sellar (Magnolia) are involved in producing the film.

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