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Daniel Day-Lewis gave up acting

Image The world cinema has suffered a huge loss - Daniel Day-Lewis , one of the best actors of our time and three-time Oscar winner , decided to end his career. This sad news was confirmed by the representative of the British, and at the moment it is only known that such a decision is due to personal motives.

For four decades in the cinema, Daniel Day-Lewis managed to play the president, artist, gang leader and embodied many other, unique images. His latest work will be the haute couture drama Phantom Thread, which Day-Lewis worked on with director Paul Thomas Anderson.

Film academics have awarded Day-Lewis the title of best actor three times - first for the drama "My Left Foot", and then for "Oil" and "Lincoln". During his long career, the Briton has created many unforgettable images, about which you can read about in our permanent column "Cult of Cinema".


In general, Day-Lewis is known for his selective approach to the choice of projects, but if he agreed to play in any film, he carefully prepared for the role, as if living the life of his characters. For the sake of the image of the loving neurosurgeon from "The Unbearable Lightness of Being", the actor learned Czech. He constantly listened to Eminem on the set of "Gangs of New York", thus maintaining the necessary level of aggression, and during the work on "My Left Foot" he did not get up from the wheelchair at all, getting used to the role of a writer and artist Christie Brown, born with cerebral palsy.

Sometimes Day-Lewis waited years for a suitable offer and often took sabbatical between projects, and in the late 90s he gave up acting and worked as a shoemaker for some time. Much to the delight of moviegoers, Martin Scorsese eventually convinced the Briton to return to cinema for the sake of The Gangs of New York .


The latest film featuring the talented actor will be released in limited release at the end of December.

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Author: Jake Pinkman