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Bradley Cooper sang with Paul Thomas Anderson

Image When professionals with multiple Oscar nominations meet on the set, their joint project instantly attracts the attention of the film community. And if someone has forgotten that director Paul Thomas Anderson is preparing a new film, it’s time to remember him, because Bradley Cooper claims the main role in the film.

The unnamed drama of Anderson will unfold in the 70s in the San Fernando Valley, which previously became the setting for three other films of the director - "Boogie Nights", "Magnolia" and "Love Knocking Down." All that is known about the plot is that the tape is an interweaving of several stories associated with a successful child actor who goes to high school in the valley.

The source reports that Cooper is aiming for the role of a producer or director, who is interested in the young talent. Previously, Harrison Ford, Michael Douglas and George Clooney were also considered for this role, but then a pandemic began, and the shooting, scheduled for the summer, had to be canceled.


Anderson plans to begin filming in the fall, when Los Angeles authorities will allow such events. Cooper needs to finish work on "Nightmare Alley" by then. Bradley is also preparing a biopic for Netflix about the famous conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein.

Source: Collider

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