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Andrey Konchalovsky will show the visions of Michelangelo

Image On August 20, 2017, Andrey Konchalovsky , according to RIA Novosti, celebrated his 80th birthday on the set of his new work about Michelangelo . Painting « Monster. Vision "will be released thanks to the support of the Art, Science and Sport charity foundation, the national Ministry of Culture, Italian friends from Jean Vigo Italia, and Channel One.

Avoiding the blandness that pervades most historical dramas, the director decided to focus on the hero's visions. As Andrey Konchalovsky notes, the narrator can dream of anything, and the human is always more interesting than what is reflected in the official documents. Nevertheless, the film crew took the study of the details of the era very seriously.

«I would like to convey not only the essence of Michelangelo's figure, but also the smells, colors, flavor of that time, full of inspiration and beauty, and at the same time bloody and cruel. I was prompted to create the film by the desire to tell the world and today's youth, who have a very short memory, about the greatness of Michelangelo's figure, ”explains the director.


The film crew will visit the hero's homeland, in the regions of Tuscany and Lazio, before filming episodes of the film in Rome and Florence. On the screen, all the actors will speak their native language: the brilliant Italian will be played by his compatriot Alberto Testone, the Marquis of Malaspina - Umberto Orsini, and Massimo de Frankovic will appear in the role of Pope Julius II.

Andrey Konchalovsky promises to complete the work in 2018.

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