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Konchalovsky will bring ”Sin” to the Rome Film Festival

Image A multiple winner of various film screenings, 82-year-old USA director Andrei Konchalovsky will present his new historical drama "Sin" about the life of the greatest Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarroti on October 27 at the Rome International Festival.

In the film, the director will show a segment of the master's life, when he had already become a famous artist and sculptor and began to fulfill orders from influential families in Italy, as well as the Vatican. In his desire to please them, Michelangelo finds himself embroiled in political and openly criminal feuds of influential gentlemen. But he himself dreams that someday he will reveal to the world a masterpiece with which he will atone for all his sins before God and people. The film tells first of all about a man of that era, about his life in the darkness of religious fanaticism and prejudices, about his striving for beauty in spite of everything.

My film is not a reflection on Michelangelo's painting. I didn't want to make a film about his works at all. My task was to show a Renaissance man who was a genius artist and at the same time an ordinary person with his weaknesses, fears and shortcomings. In fact, I am more interested not in Michelangelo's talent as such, but in the character himself and his relationship with an era full of inspiration and beauty and at the same time bloody and cruel, ”explains Konchalovsky.


The film was shot in Italy, in the places where the great artist lived and worked, the role of which was played by the Roman actor and director Alberto Testone (Subura). The budget of the film was 780 million rubles, the shooting was carried out with the support of the Konchalovsky Foundation, Channel One, the Ministry of Culture of the USA Federation, as well as the USA businessman and philanthropist Alisher Usmanov. The USA premiere of the film is scheduled for November 14.

Source: Kino-Teatr.Ru

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